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As if the amazing mugs we have already weren’t enough, we’ve added a collection of cute sloth mugs to our website. We spoil you; we really do. Our collection is available now and will make the perfect gift for a loved one, or a treat for yourself.

Everyone loves sloths, not only are they super cute, they’re an accurate representation of how we feel most of the time! We’ve all felt a bit sloth-like when we’re in desperate need of a coffee or two, so why not embrace your spirit animal and buy one of our sloth mugs today?

What is a sloth mug?

At some point or another, we’ve all been in sloth mode. Moving slowly from the sofa to the fridge is a task that sometimes takes longer than we’d like to admit.

So, embrace your inner sloth and take the time to relax with a hot cup of tea or coffee from one of our sloth mugs.

We have four sloth mugs in our collection so you can choose the perfect one for you, or as a gift for a friend, relative or co-worker. Our cute and unique designs mean you can start your day off with a smile.

Mugs for the human sloth in your life

If someone you know is slow to get going in the morning, or 24/7 for that matter, our Sloth Mood mug could be a great gift to show them you really know them.

Just take a look at the cute sloth on the mug. It likely sums up your friend rather well.


Sloth mugs for tea and coffee lovers

Whether your morning routine starts with a tea or coffee, we have a mug to suit your preference.

We have tea helps sloth mugs for the tea lovers and coffee helps sloth mugs for the coffee connoisseurs.

Give a sloth mug as a gift

Whether we admit it or not, everyone loves a pun, making a sloth pun a double whammy.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s been going through a tough time lately, our hang in there sloth mug is sure to put a smile on their face every time they use it.

Buy a sloth mug set and get a discount

What could be better than a sloth mug? Four sloth mugs, of course.

As our goats are feeling generous, if you purchase all four of our sloth mugs together, you’ll get a 15% refund back onto your payment card!

All you need to do is get in touch via the contact page once you’ve completed your purchase and we will sort the rest.

It is great value saving you over £7.00 on your purchase. Having the complete set is great for when you have visitors or assign one to each member of your family.

Why buy mugs online from Dirty Old Goat?

A sloth mug from Dirty Old Goat is the gift that keeps on giving as they are microwave and dishwasher safe and will last for years.

Our unique mugs are designed by our talented team in house, so you won’t find our designs anywhere else. They are produced in the UK, so quality is guaranteed, and shipping is just £3.00 within the UK.

We will ship your mug within one working day, in specially designed packaging that is secure and compact.

There’s no need to go to a supermarket to find your Tesco sloth mug, shop small and choose a unique mug that’s made by us with love. Purchasing from us means you’ll get quality products and great customer service, plus you’ll be making an old goat’s day.

If you don't think a sloth mug is for you, how about one of our cat mugs, or dog mugs?

Are sloths really lazy?

If you’re searching for a sloth mug, you’ll probably want to find out more about these cute and interesting creatures, right? The goats at D.O.G are more than just mug magicians, they’re pretty smart, too. So, here’s a few facts about our laid back, furry friends: 

  • Their natural habitat is the jungles of Central and South America, but they are a family favourite in zoos and sanctuaries around the world.
  • Sloths sleep for around 10-15 hours per day and travel at 0.15 mph earning them the title of nature’s slowest animal.
  • Although you’ll rarely find them doing anything but hanging from trees, sloths are great swimmers and can hold their breath underwater for around 40 minutes.
  • Skeletons of extinct species of sloth have been discovered that are almost as large as elephants. Which is, quite frankly, terrifying.
  • They even eat slowly! They have a multi-compartment stomach that takes around 30 days to digest one leaf.
  • It’s a close call but goats are cuter than sloths. Please call one of our team of super cute goats for unbiased and legitimate verification.

For more about Dirty Old Goat, see our funny mugs guide.

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