Cat mug purchases: everything you need to know

If you’re looking for the essential guide to cat mugs and an exquisite collection of cat-related puns – you’ve come to the right place. This guide gives you all the options should you need to buy a cat mug for your friends, family or coworkers. In fact, we have a whole cat mug collection to suit every type of cat connoisseur.

What is a cat mug?

Granted – this sounds obvious. But there are cat mugs; then there are Dirty Old Goat cat mugs.

They come in a range of styles and designs, so you can pick the one that suits the person you’re buying for. There are ceramic mugs with cute cat designs, cat puns and even funny mugs shaped liked cats.

We also print our cat mugs on both sides, so no matter if you’re left or right-handed, your love for cats will be evident.

Who buys cat mugs?

We all know someone who loves cats, so a cat mug makes a useful and thoughtful gift they’ll use again and again. Or if that person is you, go ahead and treat yourself.

Goats are known for their excellent secret-keeping abilities. Mugs are great for birthdays, Secret Santa mug ideas or a Christmas stocking filler. They’re also the perfect gift for cat moms and dads and crazy cat ladies (you know who you are). Add a mug together with a pair of cat socks and some treats for their actual cat, and you’ve got yourself a cat-themed hamper to be proud of.

It’s a gift you can drink your tea from in the morning, eat your soup from for lunch, then eat a mug cake for dessert. The true definition of versatile and convenient. Goats don’t use plates, and now you don’t need to either.

If you prefer dogs, check out our dog mug guide.

Why cat mug UK? 

There’s nothing like the British sense of humour. It’s certainly… unique and we like to think we’ve captured it on our cat mugs, something you won’t find on mugs purchased elsewhere.

Dirty Old Goat mugs are designed and produced in the UK, so by purchasing a cat mug from us, you’re supporting British business and investing in British quality. We’re proud of our cat mug UK designs and go out of our way to make sure your order is shipped quickly and packaged well. We ship the same working day if you place an order before 2pm so that you won’t be waiting long.

Types of cat mug you can buy

We have a range of cat mugs available on our website, so you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your loved one. If the person you’re buying for is a bit of a cool cat or has a feline family Taylor Swift would be jealous of, one of our mugs is the perfect gift.

Mugs for cat lovers

For those that love cats, any gift that features one is a safe bet. Our you had me at meow is super cute and will make the cat lover in your life smile every time they use it.

Mugs for crazy cat people

Our If you want me to listen mug is the perfect gift for those who will chat to you for hours, as long as it’s about cats.  Our mugs will give the recipient the chance to wear their crazy cat lady (or man) nickname with honour and pride.  

Black Cat mug

For those with a spiritual or superstitious side, a black cat mug will make a great gift. It’s the perfect combination of creepy and cute, sure to brighten the mornings of the black cat lover in your life.

Funny cat mugs

I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve dropped in some purrfect cat puns into this guide. Why not keep that party going and purchase one of our funny cat mugs?

Why choose Dirty Old Goat for your ceramic cat mug needs?

Cute and funny cat mugs made by goats, what’s not to like? Our mugs are just £8.99 so offer great value and will last for years to come.

Our specialist boxes protect the mugs perfectly and make them easy to gift wrap. It also keeps them safe on their merry travels around the UK, and we welcome international orders, too. You wouldn’t want to upset a hard-working goat and his team by shopping elsewhere, would you? So, get your paws on a cat mug right meow!

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