Cats vs. dogs: the decider

It seems my musings last week caused somewhat of a stir in the international animal community. Well, around the barn at least. So I thought I’d go in horns first and jump straight into the issue that divides a nation - the age-old battle of cat v dog. It seems to be quite a hot topic, and according to the humans, you’re either a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person’. I’ve never heard anyone mention being a ‘goat person’, but I suppose that’s because it’s obvious that everyone is.

Dogs really do think you’re the greatest. No matter how bad your day has been, they greet you like they haven’t seen you in years. Cats, however, seem less impressed. I get the impression they do everything on their terms and aren’t interested in anything or anyone in particular. Some people say they don’t care about you at all, but maybe they’re just independent.

Dogs are labelled as mans’ best friend, and I suppose that’s true. I’ve seen them in the field, running around with the humans fetching the same ball over and over and having a great time doing it. Then, I’ll glance over to the humans’ house and see the cat looking out the window with disdain waiting for the peasants to return and feed them. So I guess it depends if you’re looking for a pet who you occasionally pass in the hall and say ‘Hi’ to now and then or a furry friend who follows you everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

I’ve heard that there are people who own both a cat and a dog. Surely that’s a recipe for disaster. You must be in constant emotional turmoil! One moment you’re with your dog, feeling on top of the world and thinking you’re the coolest thing since baled hay. The next you’re brought back down to earth with a bump when your cat reminds you that you’re merely an annoyance, who is only granted the kindness of being kept alive to serve as their slave.

Cats and dogs difference mug 

If you’re living like this, it’s only fair that you have at least one nice mug to drink your coffee or tea from. You’ll either need some time to yourself or time to reflect on your life choices. Either way, I had the genius idea to create our difference between cats and dogs mug, which shows both sides of the dog v cat lifestyle. It also makes a great gift for someone who is very clear which corner they sit in – it’s really just about being the best person you can be and basing your values on how your pet sees you, which makes total sense.

To be honest, I think the whole things a bit silly. We could go back and forth all day deciding whether a cat or dog is best, but why would you put yourself through all that when it’s completely unnecessary? (Those that know me well will already know where I’m going with this). The clear and obvious choice for the best pet is, of course, a goat.

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