Christmas? You've goat to be kidding

Well, the time has come folks, I’m about to mention the C-word. No, I haven’t had a particularly stressful week; I’m talking about Christmas of course. This year, it’s particularly important to show your loved ones how much you care.

No matter how the world looks in December, planning is the best option. If you want to get your Christmas shopping out of the way early and avoid any last-minute panic buying, I’ve put together a helpful list to get your Christmas shopping sorted. And bonus – it can all be done online. I know that we may be holding our wallets a little closer this year, so I’ve chosen gifts that are modestly priced and will make the ideal gift for family, friends, Secret Santa and stocking fillers.

Mugs, of course!

I wouldn’t be the goat I am today without some self-promotion here and there - a goat’s gotta do what a goat’s gotta do right? So I’d like to start with a couple of our Dirty Old Goat mugs. They make a convenient Christmas shopping gift, that will be delivered to your door via Royal Mail quickly and safely.

Our mugs provide you with a high quality (and in most cases, hilarious) receptacle to hold unlimited tea, coffee, and whatever hot drink you can think of throughout the day. For Christmas, our If you want me to listen collection is perfect for those who rather not be disturbed during glorious coffee moments. Or choose one of our star sign mugs for a personal touch.

Hug in a box

I came across a really cute gift idea called ‘hug in a box’. They are customisable and include things like chocolate, face masks and plushies. There are lots of these available on the internet, but I particularly liked this one on Etsy because it includes tea, that you can put in a DoG mug.

Moan and move on

This notepad caught my eye as I was searching for some fun gift ideas. Sometimes, we just need to get it all out and have a good old moan. Am I sick of picking up leftover hay in the goat canteen? Of course I am, but it’s not good to hold onto that negativity. With this notepad, I could just write it down, have a moan, and move on!

Sponsor a goat 

I couldn’t possibly write about Christmas gifts without sparing a thought for my goat brothers and sisters who aren’t quite as lucky as me. Buttercups Goat Sanctuary take in poorly goats and nurse them back to health in the beautiful Kent countryside. To continue their important work, they offer goat adoption packs. If someone you know is a goat fan (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) sponsor a goat on their behalf for just £20. You can even pop down to Buttercups to cuddle your sponsored goat! If you want to find out more about Buttercups, I wrote a very informative piece a while back that you can read here.

Stay safe everyone and remember, even a humble mug can brighten a loved one’s day if you’re not able to see each other right now.

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