Dogs really take the biscuit (literally)

If there are biscuits involved, you’ll need a hot drink and a mug to put it in. You’ve come to the right place for that.

As the weather slowly starts to warm up, everyone at HQ has been spending a little more time outside, including the humans and their ‘indoor pets’. I’ve been observing our domesticated friends’ behaviour recently, and the dogs around the barn seem to be vibing on a different level. They aren’t quite at my level, but they’re getting close, and it unsettles me.

I’ll admit that they do everything the humans say. Sit, wait, stay – it’s quite impressive. But are they just master manipulators in it solely for the treats? Every time there is food in the vicinity, they are there in a flash staring at the humans with their puppy dog eyes. I’ll have to find out for myself if this works. I’ll be starting operation’ goat stare’ this week, and I’ll report back to let you know how much food I was able to scavenge. I’m a handsome goat. Surely no one can resist these horizontal pupils; they’re mesmerising. They will take one look at me and simply have to give me a bite of their Cromer crab.

'I'll be watching you' dog mug


I hear they are known as man’s best friend, and they like to rub in it, don’t they? What is it about dogs that everyone seems to love so much? Not one to miss out on a sales opportunity, I got my horns together with the design team and created our I’ll be watching you mug. It’s perfect for the dog lover in your life and will remind them of how their canine companion has them wrapped around their little finger.

If one dog mug isn’t enough, we’ve got other canine designs too. Like our would you like to see a photo of my dog? mug. We all know someone like this, don’t we? The first thing they do is whip out their phone and show you photos of their pet even though you didn’t ask. If you can’t think of anyone you know that’s like that, it’s probably you.

At Dirty Old Goat, we are an inclusive business. We don’t care how hairy you are, how many whiskers you have, or how many legs you’ve got, we like to represent all. So for those of you who stand on the cat side of the fence, we have made a cat version of this mug too. Although part of me thinks the cat version takes on a more sinister quality. I don’t get the impression the cat is staring at the humans in the hopes of a few scraps. Quite the opposite. It’s less ‘can I have a biscuit’ and more ‘I am plotting your untimely demise’.

I’ll let you know how operation ‘goat stare’ plays out and get back to you. If all goes well, I can tell you my secrets, so the joys of staring at people for food can filter down to barn animals far and wide.

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