Funny mugs for coworkers: your complete guide

The people you work with are a funny old bunch, aren’t they? Unkempt goatees, always jumping on things and horns causing chaos wherever they go. But that’s just the Dirty Old Goat offices – although I’m sure some of you can relate.

You don’t know the people you work with, yet you’re thrown together for eight hours a day, often spending more time with them than your friends and family. When celebrations come around like birthdays or Christmas, it’s nice to mark the occasion with a gift, but choosing the right one isn’t easy. Here’s where the humble coworker mug takes centre stage.

If you need funny mugs for coworkers, check out our complete guide and you won’t go far wrong.

Why buy funny mugs for coworkers?

Some of us meet our best friends at work, so you’ll be able to find a funny mug that suits their personality or matches their hobby from Dirty Old Goat. Opening a mug with a funny design that relates to them will make them feel special, as well as giving them a gift they can use every day.

The coworker mugs are ideal whether you’ve known them for years or they are the office newbie. A funny mug means they can start off their day in the best way possible, with a smile and caffeine. Especially if they need a morning pick-me-up like our sloth mug collection.


Funny coworker coffee mugs

Most of us start our day with a cup of coffee, it helps give us a boost of energy, so we’re ready to start the day.

But if you’re drinking it from a boring mug – you’re doing it wrong. Buying a funny mug for your coworker will make them smile every time they use it. Is there a more perfect combination than humour and caffeine?

If one of your colleagues simply cannot function until they’ve had their morning caffeine fix, our Now you can talk mug is the ideal gift to show you’re aware caution should be taken when approaching them before 9.30am.

Sporty colleagues are covered, too, so if they channel their inner Tiger Woods every weekend our golf mug collection is perfect, or if football is more their thing we have a range of football mugs for supporters of teams far and wide. Take the opportunity to get into your boss's good books by purchasing our World’s best boss mug or spoil them with one of the other mugs from our Boss collection.


Leaving mugs or Christmas gift mugs

You think you know someone and then bam! They hit you with the ultimate betrayal - leaving for a new job. On top of all that you have to buy them a gift – what a topsy-turvy world we live in.

Our best tip is our 'Waddle We Do Without You' penguin mug. Choosing a mug from our cheeky and rude mugs collection is a great way to say ‘congratulations’, with just a dash of petty, and a hint of how dare you. You might want to express to them how you’re going to cope with losing your office bestie by buying them our I just need to be dramatic first mug. They can take it with them to their new office and display it proudly on their desk, as a friendly reminder of the awesome colleagues they left behind.

A funny mug is also a great option if you’ve had a whip-round in the office and there’s some cash left over, as they’re a neat way to add something a little extra. You can make them feel like you’ve really put in the effort by adding a funny coworker mug to their leaving gift package.

If your workplace does secret Santa, you can pick up one of our Secret Santa mugs to get a funny and practical gift, without breaking the bank.


Buy mugs for colleagues

Funny mugs are a great idea for colleagues as they are the ideal middle of the road gift. Not too expensive, useful and they’ll last for years.

Our website is really simple to use, just pick your favourite mug (or mugs – they’re pretty cool) and checkout safely and securely. All of our mugs are designed, produced, and shipped from the UK – the whole nine yards.

They are dishwasher and microwave safe, so they are easy to clean and can be used for more than just coffee. We’ll also post your order the same working day if it’s placed before 2pm, so you won’t be waiting around for long. Shipping is just £3 in the UK, and we ship novelty mugs internationally, too. There’s an extra cost for this, though, as our delivery goats get a little tired over a long distance.

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