Funny mugs: your complete guide

No matter who you are, everyone loves funny mugs. Whether it’s for a coworker, friend or relative - receiving a humorous mug as a gift is almost a rite of passage in the UK, buried in the sub-sections of our culture like queuing or loving David Attenborough. It’s always there waiting patiently in the cupboard, ready to make you smile when you make your next cup of tea for years to come. 

Popular types of funny mugs

Surely a mug from Dirty Old Goat is just a mug? You’ve goat to be kid-ding me? (double goat pun intended). We stock a whole range of funny mugs that are perfect as a gift for every occasion. Birthdays, Christmas or just because, a funny mug is a gift that’s always appreciated.

We all have a favourite mug, and drinks don’t taste the same if you use another. But funny mugs from Dirty Old Goat are guaranteed to become your  ‘go-to’ because you feel a little spark of joy every time you see it. It’s not just a morning coffee in a funny mug; it’s a memory, an inside joke or a reminder of something or someone special to you.  

Funny birthday mugs

Birthdays are an excellent opportunity to add a funny mug or novelty mugs to someone’s collection. You can choose a mug that suits their personality and sense of humour, striking the perfect balance between heartfelt and hilarious. If your friend is drinking out of a mug that looks a little worse for wear, get one of our funny mugs to brighten their day. We have designs to suit everyone in the family, including our Sorry I am the way that I am mug, an excellent idea for a birthday gift for your Mum or Dad.

Funny Secret Santa mugs and Christmas mugs

When Christmas rolls around, so does Secret Santa. If you’re abiding by the ‘must be less than £10’ rule at work, then a Secret Santa mug is a great option. Even if your coworker is one of those shifty people that doesn’t like tea, coworker mugs are great for coffee, soup and the more recent addition to the family – the mug cake. Christmas mugs are also great for close friends and family. When you’ve already purchased the big present, a few additional gifts or or stocking fillers will go down a treat.

Funny mugs that are topical

Let’s be honest, the world isn’t always a barrel of laughs. Spreading a little joy, and having a chortle is one of the best ways to get through it. Our Fridge Social Distancing Mug is something most of us can all relate to, as we all developed a closer relationship with our fridge over the last few months. It’s not just me, right? We keep up with trends and events to make sure you can find a topical mug that’s relatable and relevant.

Funny sports mugs

Golf mug

If the person you’re buying for is a sports fan, you’re bound to find the perfect mug in our football mugs collection. We have a range of teams on our website, but we’re always adding new designs. So check back or get in touch to see if we have added your favourite team.

Funny Royal mugs

Do you have a certain someone in your life that walks around like they’re royalty? Then give them the perfect royal mug to hold their royal-tea! We have an entire Royal Mug Collection that is perfect for the King or Queen in your life that deserves a mug to match their royal stature.

Produced and shipped from the UK

We deliver high quality, funny mugs direct to your door. All our mugs are designed and produced in the UK, so you can guarantee our quality and craftsmanship. We also deliver internationally, and you can find out more about our shipping policy.

Packaged to perfection

We box all our mugs securely so that they will arrive in perfect condition. You can ask for them to be delivered direct to the lucky recipient or have them delivered to you. They are packed tightly in specialist mug boxes and can be delivered safely, all over the world. These boxes can be dropped and rolled around, but the mug stays intact.

We’ve already delivered over 1,000 funny mugs from the Dirty Old Goat barn, and not one has been damaged so far. Therefore, our point is proven - goats make excellent delivery drivers!

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