Gift a mug because May 2020 is the worst birthday ever

We're living in strange times. All of us abiding by the strict lockdown rules as the nation battles the coronavirus outbreak.

One happy side effect of all this is the British sense of humour. We've been keeping ourselves amused with jokes, memes, funny videos online, quizzes and more.

And because of anyone unfortunate enough to have their birthday during the enforced lockdown period, Dirty Old Goat has done his bit by offering special April 2020 worst birthday ever mugs and now May 2020 worst birthday ever mugs.

The April funny mugs proved an instant hit, and we sold lots throughout the UK and even as far afield as Australia and the United States!

Our mugs are priced well at just £7.99 plus post and packing, and we're proud to be bringing a little light relief during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Add one of our special worst birthday ever mugs to your cart and then checkout. During the simple process, you can specify the shipping address to be your own, or to the person you wish to receive your birthday gift.

All our items are packed carefully and arrive in perfect condition.

Why now gift a funny birthday mug now and make it abundantly clear that the recipient is indeed having the worst birthday ever!

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