Golf mug gift ideas

For those of you with a golfer in your life, you’ll know they eat, sleep and breathe the game. So it just makes sense that they would want to drink their tea or coffee from something that’s golf-themed too. Our collection of Golf mugs will make the golfer in your life smile every time they use it, and give a whole new meaning to the phrase tee time.

Why will golfers love a golf mug?

Whether the golfer in your life is an aspiring pro or just enjoys it as a hobby, they will love a golf-themed mug to remind them of how much they love the game. They’re kitted out with all the latest golf gear, and now they can have the mug to match. Their new golf mug could become a good luck charm, or they could start a new tradition of using their golf mug before they play a round. Perfect for enjoying a morning cup of tea whilst thinking about that crucial first tee.

Funny golf mugs make a great present

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for the golfer in your life, a golf mug is a great option. They’re guaranteed to love it, and it’s useful too. Our funny mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, so they will get use out of their mug for years to come.

Our golf mugs make an excellent gift for a family member or friend who’s crazy about golf. They will also make a suitable prize for the winner of a golf day or a mug for a colleague who’s a big golf fan. Show your loved one you know them by purchasing one of our golf mugs, or collect all four to complete the golf-themed collection.

It takes balls to play golf

Our it takes balls to play golf mug is a great way to throw a bit of humour into the quite serious game of golf. If the golf fanatic in your life isn’t precisely Tiger Woods, this mug is a friendly reminder that each time you play with them, it takes a lot of balls to play golf the way they do!

If you want me to listen, talk about golf

If your partner's golf addiction is ‘driving a wedge’ between you, buying them a funny golf mug from our collection is a great way to get your point across. Perhaps your partner's love of the game has caused you to be described as a ‘golf widow or widower’. If so, our If you want me to listen, talk about golf mug is the perfect way to not-so-subtly tell them how you feel. It might even entice them to talk about something other than golf. It’s unlikely, but worth a shot.

Never underestimate an old man who plays golf

Our old man who plays golf mug is a great gift idea for anyone who knows a golfer that’s…advancing in years. Make sure your next Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas gift is sorted by choosing a funny golf mug to make them smile. A senior golfer may not have the power or flexibility they used to have, but what they lack in speed they make up for in experience. They will love you for saying they shouldn’t be underestimated, but will you get away with calling them old?

The bandit golf mug

There’s a golf bandit in every group, who is it in yours? You know the type, always saying their handicap is bad but seems to win every time. Golfers - if you know, you know. Let them know you’re on to them by purchasing our I won at golf again mug, so they know their sneaky behaviour isn’t going unnoticed. Keep an eye on their scorecards!

Why buy a golf mug from Dirty Old Goat?

If you think that just because I’m a goat, I can’t play golf – you’d be absolutely right.

But I show my passion for the sport through the golf mugs we produce here at D.O.G. After watching golfers for a while through the hedge, I learned what made them tick, and so our golf mug collection was born.

Our mugs are just £8.99 and are produced in the UK, so excellent production quality is in the bag. Or more specifically, the box. We ship securely via Royal Mail for just £3.00, and we welcome international orders too. You can even add a personalised note at checkout to give your gift that extra special touch.

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