If 2020 were a mug

If time travel becomes possible in the future (I’m working on it), 2020 is a year you could definitely give a miss. I don’t think anyone could have predicted just how bizarre 2020 was going to get.

My review of 2020 would be just like me, short and sweet and it would go something like this: “1 out of 5 stars, would not recommend, very baaaaaaaad.” It’s accurate and includes a goat pun, and if you don’t like those you’ve come to the wrong place.

I’m lucky. I’ve had a nice year in my cosy Suffolk barn, working hard designing and producing mugs. Our high tech home has everything a goat could need for a happy life. Food, shelter, food and did I mention food? We haven’t had to worry about toilet roll shortages or remembering our masks when we go to the shops.

In fact, it’s been quite nice having our humans around more often. They’ve had more time to treat us with the love and respect we deserve – we are mug making goats after all. 

I’ve had plenty of food, lots of hay, and space outside to run and jump on as many things as I like. Whilst my main concern is always with the welfare of my goat brothers and sisters, I know it’s been a tough year for you human folk too.

This got me thinking. What’s the best way to cheer someone up? With a nice cup of tea from a hearty and hilarious mug. There isn’t much that a cup of tea can’t fix.

The design of our 2020 review mug says it all. 2020 is not exactly a year anyone will be looking back on with nostalgic wonderment, but if you can’t laugh about it, you’ll probably cry.

So, get the kettle on, pour a nice hot drink, and take a moment to appreciate the little things. There’s no denying it’s been a bad year, but drinking your morning coffee from a funny mug that makes you smile is always a good thing. The mug says what we’re all thinking, so if you’re going back into the office or returning to work, taking this mug with you will break the ice and give your co-workers something to smile about, while we all get back into the swing of things.

2020 Review mug

If you would like to purchase our 2020 review mug or any of our other cheeky and funny mugs, we’re offering a 10% discount for all new customers (use the code SAVE10 at checkout for your first purchase).

You’ve been through enough this year already and you deserve a treat - goats are nice like that. We produce our mugs to order and I’ll do all I can to post it the same day to get your mug to you as quickly as possible.

If your order is a gift, it will arrive in a sturdy square box that’s easy to wrap. If it’s all yours, then rip that box open and get drinking from 11oz’s of glossy ceramic goodness – and don’t forget to recycle the box.


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