If you want me to listen, talk about… me!

Working so closely with the humans, I’ve observed some of their behaviours and habits over the years. Some would call it spying, I call it research.

Something that surfaced as being particularly important to them is their tea and coffee breaks. I see them pop into the staff room and breathe a sigh of relief that they finally get a few minutes to themselves.

It’s healthy to take a couple of breaks during your working day and I completely understand the feeling of looking forward to a hay break throughout the day. I’m a generous CEO, and my team are looked after very well with more hay than you can shake a mug at.

Something else I noticed is that they get terribly upset if someone dares interrupt them during this coffee ritual. As a CEO, I can relate, as I’m always in high demand. My breaks are a time to grab my favourite Dirty Old Goat mug and chill out before the mug-making game begins again.

So, if you take the risk and start a conversation with a human on their break, it better be about something interesting. Hence the creation of our if you want me to listen mugs to get the message across. You’re clear and concise right from the off. Do not talk to me unless it is about the topic clearly detailed on my mug. Genius.

There are lots of these if you want me to listen mugs to choose from to suit all interests and hobbies. Our collection will make a great gift for yourself, a football-obsessed friend or a surfer dude co-worker who’s only interested in talking about the ‘sick waves’ he rode at the weekend. Animal lovers will love our talk to me about Dogs or cats mugs and we’ve got a horse mug, too. If you’re a sports fan, we also have a rugby mug and a cricket mug in the collection.

Your break is a time to relax before getting back to work and this collection means you can enjoy your time without unnecessary interruption. Simply pick your favourite and enjoy your 15 minutes of peace. Safe in the knowledge that you won’t be bothered by anyone unless it’s about something you actually want to talk about.

That reminds me, I haven’t seen the ‘talk about goats’ design that I suggested yet. How odd; that was one of the first ideas I put forward. Goats are so universally loved it’s bound to fly off the online shelves. I’ll have to have a word with the production department straight away. The only explanation is that it’s been lost in the pile of my other inspiring design ideas. 

My team are creative masterminds, and they are always coming up with amazing new designs that we know you’ll love. So, make sure to pop back to see what’s new, or sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates and to be first in line for the new releases.

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