I've adopted a less fortunate goat

The Dirty Old Goat is one lucky animal. I have a nice barn to live in, hay on demand, and a multinational mug printing empire to run.

Sadly, there are many goats who are not as lucky as me. They get mistreated or simply left to look after themselves. Some are pitifully thin and ill.

I heard recently about some nice people at a place called Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats. It's a special place in the Kent countryside that takes in poorly goats and makes them better.

Most are then rehomed to loving new owners, but others, for one reason or another, remain to roam happily around the sanctuary's lovely fields.

We goats are not the most demanding of animals, but we still cost a little bit to keep. There are our food, bedding and vets bills. We don't need pedicures or beauty treatments.

Buttercups help with financing by asking for folks to adopt one of their goats. Well, how could I refuse?

Adopt a goat like me

And so it has come to pass that I now pay for the upkeep of Anoushka, a lovely biscuit coloured pigmy goat who is full of character. That's her picture at the top of this page. She has also sent me a nice letter telling me all about herself. Of course, as I am a goat, I cannot read too well, so my human friend read it to me.

It turns out Anoushka has become friendly with an old goat on the sanctuary (not a dirty old goat) called Gobo, and they share the same stable and look after each other.

Here is a nice certificate sent to my human. I've never had a certificate before, although I most surely should receive something for selling funny topical mugs even though I am a goat.

I am very pleased to be helping the people at Buttercups Sanctuary out. They seem very nice, and it's touching that they look after so many goats in need.

It's heartwarming that our own little donation will help feed and care for Anoushka for 12 months. I'm sure we'll roll it into next year, too.

If you would like to find out more, head to the Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats website. I particularly like the goat pictures gallery - I've never seen so many happy goats in one place!

That's it for now. I've got work to do sending out some more mugs, including some of our new football mugs range.

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