June 2020 worst birthday ever mugs now available

We hoped it wouldn't come to this, but we've now had to produce some June 2020 Worst Birthday Ever mugs owing to continuing lockdown restrictions.

After the initial success of our April versions of the mug, we then made them for May. Both sold well as you felt they would be cheeky and funny mugs to gift to your family and friends.

Many of you have been asking about the June versions, so now you can order June 2020 Worst Birthday Ever mugs for your next birthday chums.

All our mugs are produced and dispatched from the UK, so delivery times are usually short. We have seen Royal Mail parcels lagging a day or two behind, but that's to be expected currently.

On the subject of the lockdown, we launched another mug this week poking fun at those who have, ahem, put on a little timber during the lockdown. It's all about needing to social distance from the fridge and flattening your own curve (of your expanding waistline!). See the social distance fridge mug here.

I appreciate I am a simple goat, but I and the kids wish you continued good health. 

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