Maaaarvelous mugs for Mother’s Day

Mothers are fantastic, aren’t they? So fantastic, in fact, that they have a whole day dedicated to them. From wiping away our tears to wiping…other places, they are there for us every time. I think that’s why our thank you for wiping my bum mug sells well all year round. It’s funny – because it’s true! 

I won’t lie to you, the whole Mother’s day thing took a while for me to get my horns around. You see us goats call our Mothers ‘Nanny’. From what I gathered, Nanny refers to a completely different relative in the human world and some childcare role, too? So you can see where the confusion stemmed from. Here at the Dirty Old Goat mugs empire, goats and humans co-exist harmoniously (for the most part) but there are bound to be a few cultural mix-ups along the way.

Perhaps there should be a Nanny day too. For you humans, it means you get to celebrate another valued member of your family, and my Mother will get two whole days dedicated to her. Something I know she’ll be pleased about. My Nann...I mean Mother is absolutely maaagic, and I’m truly blessed to have her. She’s always reminding me how proud she is of me and who can blame her? I am a CEO, after all. I’ll make a note to put ‘Nanny Day’ forward to whoever invents these things (I imagine it’s the card companies), and get some ideas going with the design team straight away.

At the barn we’ve been preparing and designing our Mother’s day mugs for a while now, which has meant I’ve heard ‘What day is Mother’s Day’ more than once already. So to avoid anyone having to buy uninspired last-minute gifts I’ve put up a reminder on the staff notice board and sent an email to my team. As a reminder, Mother’s day 2021 is Sunday 14th March. I’ll bleat a little louder for those at the back - Mother’s day 2021 is Sunday 14th March! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’ve got plenty of time to search our site and get your gift sorted without the hassle.

Mother's Day mugs

If your Mother is like mine and is a fan of the pun, our tea-riffic mug will make a great funny Mother’s day gift that shows how much you care. Of course, our mugs aren’t just for Mother’s day. Our cute and funny collection of mugs will make a great gift all year round. We have a whole range of mugs in our Mother’s Day Collection that will make the perfect gift for any occasion.

To avoid the terrifying appearance of Goatzilla, don’t leave it until the last minute. Get your Mother’s day gift sorted, and we’ll have it shipped to you within a day or two. Don’t leave your beloved Maaa without a gift this Mother’s day. She’s been there for you, took care of you and loved you for all these years. It’s the little things that matter and something as simple as a new mug and popping round for a cup of tea will mean the world to her.

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