Mother's Day mug your mum will appreciate for years

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and, having just had a word with the dirty old goat in the yard, he reckons you’re scratching around for a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Don’t worry; it’s quite normal. We all wonder what to get our mum, and despite promising to do something different every year, we end up buying some flowers or chocolates.

While that’s very sweet, and she’ll appreciate the thought, those pressies will disappear in a week (flowers) or a matter of hours (chocolates).

Mother's Day mug

Instead, why not buy a Mother’s Day mug? Say what? We’re glad you asked. Because with one of Dirty Old Goat’s cute or funny Mother’s Day mugs, your mum will have something to keep for years.

Every time she settles down for a cup of coffee or tea, she’ll remember you while drinking her Mother’s Day mug.

Our mug collection is sent out within days and arrives safely packaged, ready for you to unbox and wrap for your delighted mum.

The funny mugs are dishwasher and microwave proof, proving years of enjoyment for your mum. She’ll be the envy of her friends when they come around for a coffee – their Mother’s Day flowers wilted and died months before.

Dirty Old Dog currently has three Mother’s Day mugs for you to chew over. Firstly, and we particularly love this one, there’s the toilet-related mug. Everyone likes toilet humour, right? Well, your mum used to wipe your bum. A lot. Show your appreciation with this lovely mug…

Next, is our cute mug titled: “Mum, you are tea-riffic. Thank you for everything you brew”! Your mother will have a glowing feeling every morning.

Finally, we know kids can be a little naughty sometimes. But you don’t mean it really. Show you are sorry, but with a cheeky tone that your mum would expect, with the “Sorry for what I am” mug.

Mugs for all occasions

Of course, these gifts don’t just have to be Mother’s Day mugs; you can buy your mum one of these any day of the year, including birthdays and, of course, Christmas.

Why not feed the goat now, and buy one of these special Dirty Old Goat mugs?

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