Mug printing now completed faster in-house

Things are moving fast in the Dirty Old Goat's barn. You have been so supportive of our novelty mugs adventure that we are now able to produce them in-house, or in-barn, rather than entrusting your custom with a third-party supplier.

You won't notice any change in quality, but you will now receive them a little sooner.

My human workers here say they will ship the next working day, sometimes even the same working day as you place your order. Under previous arrangements, this may have taken two or three days, sometimes longer.

Each of our novelty mugs is carefully printed and then packed in shatterproof boxes. These boxes are quite the thing - you can drop them, kick them around, sit on them and the mug remains intact.

Despite being a goat, I am now the proud owner of a mug press, special mug printing printer and lots of mug supplies and packaging now waiting for your novelty mugs orders.

Would you like to order one of our novelty mugs? Browse through the mugs online store today and take your pick.

I look forward to serving you.

What are novelty mugs?

Novelty mugs are amusing mugs that make ideal gifts for family, friends or work colleagues. Good quality novelty mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, meaning they are a cost-effective gift that will last for many years.

Are your gift mugs made in the UK?

Yes. All our novelty mugs are made in Suffolk at our goat headquarters. We then package them in secure, snug boxes and ship via Royal Mail. We aim to ship within one working day of receiving your order.

Are you looking for funny mugs ideas?

We have a large catalogue of funny mugs and novelty mugs, from cat mugs to topical mugs and dog mugs. We're always adding new mugs to the collection, so check back soon.

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