Novelty mugs: affordable gifts that last for years

Have you ever drawn a blank when purchasing a present for someone? Or found the perfect gift but needed something to fill out the gift bag? Then a novelty mug is your answer. Quirky mugs are perfect for a friend, relative or coworker who wants to stay hydrated and show their funny side. No longer will you have to make a choice between the two. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to make someone smile, whoever you’re buying for – there are novelty mugs for that. 

What are novelty mugs?

To put it simply, a novelty mug is your average Joe ceramic cylinder, with the hilarious rating turned up to 11. Whether you use your mug for tea, coffee or wine (we won’t tell if you don’t), it’s never just a mug. It’s a reminder of something or someone special.

Novelty birthday mugs

Time flies, and sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift when it feels like the person you’re buying for just celebrated their birthday. Novelty mugs show you’ve taken the time to find something that they find funny or individual, and matches their personality. If someone you know is feeling a little sensitive about getting older, what better way to show your support than get them a mug so that they can be reminded of it every day – and laugh about it!

Offensive or rude novelty mugs

Norfolk mug

We’re probably playing it a little fast and loose with the word offensive, but you know what we mean. As offensive as a goat can be. A novelty mug from our cheeky and rude mug collection is perfect for people with whom you have that special relationship. Probably not a good idea for the mother in law, but everyone else is fair game.

Novelty mugs or funny mugs are a great way to get someone a thoughtful gift, whilst throwing in some humour on the side. It’s the perfect way to show you care, without all the mushy stuff.

Novelty animal mugs

For the animal lover in your life, our range of animal mugs will make a great gift. They’re the perfect combination of cute and funny and whether they sit on the cat or dog side of the fence, they’re bound to love our great designs. We've even written a cat mug buying guide here.

Novelty royal mugs

Our royal mugs are ideal for the people in your life who you want to treat like royalty. Or perhaps they think they are royalty – either way, our royal mug collection is ready to hold tea fit for a queen.

Novelty Christmas mugs

Before you know it, we’ll be heading horns first into the Christmas season. Our novelty mugs make the perfect stocking filler, and you can find a whole selection on our website to tickle the funny bones of your loved ones. As well as buying for friends and family, there’s the office Secret Santa to navigate. Our novelty mugs are great if you pull someone you don’t know too well out of the hat – everyone loves a mug!

What are the benefits of buying novelty coffee mugs as a gift?

Think of a novelty mug as not just a gift, but a long-term investment in someone’s joy. It sounds dramatic, I know, but often it’s the little things that matter the most. They’re an inexpensive gift that is ideal for every occasion and will last for years to come.

All our mugs are designed in house, creating unique gifts that you won’t see anywhere else. The design is printed on both sides, meaning you can be funny from every angle. Whatever type of mug you’re searching for, you’re likely to spot one on our website that’s perfect for someone you know, and you’ll just have to get it. 

Looking after your novelty mugs

Everyone who receives a Dirty Old Goat mug will cherish it – it’s a fact. All of our mugs are produced and shipped from the UK so that they will arrive to you in perfect condition, and it’s easy to keep them that way. Our mugs are microwave safe so you can heat that tea you made but then forgot about it. They’re dishwasher safe, too, so they’re easy to clean.

If we do say so ourselves, our Dirty Old Goat novelty mugs are special, so whoever receives one will want to look after it, and make sure it sits proudly in their cupboard or on their desk for years to come.

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