Our mugs are now on sale in a real shop

Exciting news! A selection of our Dirty Old Goat mugs is now available to buy from something called a town centre shop. Being a goat, I am not overly familiar with what a town centre shop is, but a quick search on the internet revealed this is somewhere to sell things.

The humans here at the barn have a friend who runs a lovely town centre shop called The House in Town in Ipswich. His name is John Manning. I have no idea why humans have two names; goats only have one, which is so much easier. Anyway, John felt our mugs would make a nice addition to his independent store in St Peter’s Street, which stocks a lovely range of household furnishings and accessories, pictures, mirrors, signs and the like

The shop is now stocking some of our mugs and retailing at £7. You get them for £9.99 at our online shop, but that includes postage, so if you wanted to save a few of your human pounds, you can visit The House in Town and buy from there.

I am not allowed in the shop because apparently, I might accidentally break a few things. And John is worried I might chew on some of this cool furniture. But the humans tell me it is something of an Aladdin’s cave. I had no idea they had caves in Ipswich, so this was very interesting.

As I could not go inside, the humans took a photograph of me outside, which you can see at the top of this page. Handsome, aren’t I? They also took a photograph of John with some of my mugs, which you can see here. He’s not as handsome as me, I don’t think, although his mother, who has a shop next door, might disagree.

John Manning at The House in Town

John is holding a How to Speak Suffolk mug and an Uppa Towen football mug. But my four-legged assistants also sent him some Hedgehugs mugs, the Sloightly on th’ Huh mugs, and even something from our Bee Mugs Collection.

Here are some of them in his shop window.

Dirty Old Goat mugs at The House in Town

If you happen to be in Ipswich town centre, head over to St Peter’s Street to visit John’s shop. You’ll find lots of inspiration for your home or gift ideas.

If you wish to discuss stocking a selection of our mugs, contact one of the humans, simon@magicwordmedia.com. I will be busy ruling, or should I say inspiring and leading the team.


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