Secret Santa mug: the ideal Christmas gift

Secret Santa is becoming increasingly popular amongst groups of friends and co-workers, bringing cost-effective fun to families and offices alike.

It’s developed into a new tradition, with more and more people opting for this gifting style each year. For those with unusually large families or scattered friend groups, it’s a great way to keep costs down while still getting everyone involved.

If your friend group is doing the secret Santa thing this year, it can be a tricky business finding a gift that’s unique and quirky, but still within budget. Mugs are the perfect solution, and not just any mugs – Dirty Old Goat mugs, naturally.

Perhaps the idea of buying a gift for a co-worker brings you out in a cold sweat. If so, fear not. Our funny secret Santa mugs are here to save the day. It certainly won’t be boring, and you’ll be saved from the last-minute purchase of the dreaded… Argos voucher (shivers).

Why buy a secret Santa mug?

I’ll be blunt if I may – because mugs are a great gift! Our Christmas collection has lots of designs to choose from. Secret Santa often comes with multiple rules and regulations attached. It can be a serious business, with spending limits, time frames and even forfeits for those who cheat.

A mug is a great way to tick all the boxes without breaking the bank. Our mugs are great value, useful and will last for years, so no matter if you choose a funny, cute or cheeky mug you really can’t go wrong.

Types of secret Santa mugs

We’re particularly proud of our Christmas collection at Dirty Old Goat. We have a great range of festive designs that will be perfect for whoever you need to buy for this Christmas. As funny mugs for coworkers, they are ideal. If you want the person you’re buying for to wake up every morning to a smile and a reminder of you, one of our mugs is the way to go.

Novelty Christmas Mugs

Christmas is the time of year when ridiculous hats and tacky jumpers are all part of our everyday lives, and no one bats an eyelid. If someone you know needs a Christmas mug to add to their collection, why not get them a novelty mug to spread some Christmas joy? Our Gin lover mug is great for those that love the Christmas spirit in more ways than one, and the I tried mug is a great funny secret Santa gift.

Rude Christmas mugs

If you can’t be a little cheeky a Christmas when can you? Although after spending a few days with the family, our once a year mug might become more than just a light-hearted joke. If you’re considering one of our rude Christmas mugs for the office secret Santa, take an old goat’s advice and maybe skip this section if you pull your boss out of the hat.

Secret Santa Mugs

If you want to cut straight to the point, our secret Santa mug is a great no-nonsense option. Funny mugs are practical, and the content is straight on the money. Surely buying a secret Santa gift that contains the words secret Santa has to be worth a few bonus points?

Mugs for people who love Christmas

For some, Christmas is their favourite time of the year. Getting them a mug as their secret Santa gift means they can use it every year and have a designated ‘Christmas mug’, to enjoy mulled wine and cider in through to New Year’s Day.

Funny mugs for the token Scrooge

Scrooge, Grinch. Whatever you may call them, we’ve all got one in the family. If you can’t think of anyone like this in your family – it’s probably you. Our Baa Humbug! mug is perfect if your secret Santa wants to make people aware of their disproval of Christmas, while still expressing their love for goats.

How much do they cost?

Dirty Old Goat mugs are just £8.99 each meaning they fit perfectly into most Secret Santa budgets. They are a gift that will keep on giving as our mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe, so they will be used all the time and will last for years.

Our postage is a flat rate of £3 within the UK, and we ship internationally, too. All our mugs are designed and produced in the UK; with unique designs you won’t see anywhere else. We ship within one working day and package them to perfection in a neat square box that’s easy to wrap. You’re welcome.

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