Some big business hooves to fill

Recently, I’ve been thinking about taking a well-earned break. Just a holiday for a week or two - nothing too exotic. Maybe a barn with a hot tub, or a long weekend hay tasting in fields anew. While no one could run Dirty Old Goat mug empire quite like me, I would need someone to take care of things while I’m away. I know they won’t possess all the necessary goat-like qualities that are needed to be a top-notch CEO, but who would be in 2nd place?

My first thought turned to my hedgehog friend that I mentioned a while back. Would he be able to take over the reins and step up as temporary CEO? Honestly, I’m not so sure. He said he’s going away for the winter months and won’t be contactable until at least March, so I immediately questioned his commitment. 

So what about dogs? They’re loyal, friendly, and always aim to please. But I’m not convinced these are the key qualities of a respected CEO. Our Home is where the dog is mug sealed the deal, they are quite content at home with their humans. Dogs aren’t leaders, they like to be lead – quite literally.

Without diving too deep into the cat vs dog debate, I think the cat would get a second interview at least. Our popular My cat lets me sleep in the bed mug shows just how much authority cats have over humans, determining where they sleep of all things! So I’m sure they could bring something to the table here. There are big cats at the local zoo that I’d consider, but I fear half my workforce would be gobbled up as an afternoon snack. As a CEO, I sometimes ask myself is it better to be feared or loved? A cat would say why not both?

Sloths are a popular animal, but could you rely on them in a crisis situation? Absolutely not. Our sloth mood mug is an accurate representation of their daily activities or lack thereof. The mug world is fast paced, and you need to be on the ball not lazing in a tree! A sloth simply would not be able to keep up. They’re better suited to something like mattress testing or ‘sitting’ world records, something that doesn’t require too much of well, anything.

I did consider a cow for a while. They’re strong, hearty characters, but they aren’t exactly graceful. They are much too big, and their hooves are a mug makers nightmare. The factory would be full of smashed mugs before I’d even zipped up my suitcase, and that would leave me feeling mooo-dy. A rabbit’s too bouncy, a chicken gets up way too early, sheep just follow the crowd, and a llama would just be…weird.

On second thoughts, it’s probably best I stay put for now. We’re busier than ever as we approach Christmas, and it’s just not the right time to put all the power in the wrong paws. I think I’ll keep it safely in my own hooves for now.

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