The hangdog expression that says this is the worst birthday ever

Our worst birthday ever mugs were popular in April, and now our May 2020 Worst Birthday Ever mugs are flying off the shelf in Dirty Old Goat's barn.

Here is our glamourous assistant posing with one of our April birthday mugs, which turned up today for the goat's owner, Simon, who is "celebrating" the quietest birthday he's ever had.

The popularity of these May 2020 Worst Birthday Ever mugs really does go to show us Brits know how important it is to keep a cheeky sense of humour in difficult times,

Yes, we could all mope around - like our Chocolate Labrador model - because nobody can do anything. Instead, we just dust ourselves down and carry on. Drinking tea.

The Dirty Old Goat story only began a few months ago. It was set up originally to channel some humorous mug sales through the Suffolk Gazette spoof news site, another platform owned by the goat's owner.

First, there were mugs about Norfolk people, favourite figures of fun for the Suffolk Gazette. But the beauty of the Dirty Old Goat operation is its ability to pivot quickly. Using the owner's daughter as Chief Designer, and the owner's dry wit, which is often fuelled by local beer, new mugs can be produced fast and dispatched around the UK to happy customers.

We have been particularly thrilled to see the goat's mugs being sent to Australia, the USA, and all over Europe.

The goat himself doesn't like to bleat about it, but he has kids to feed, so these sales are rather good news indeed.

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