The tale of the goat and the hedgehog

We’re a diverse bunch here at Dirty Old Goat. Both animal and human folk live and work together in perfect harmony – for the most part. There’s the occasional disagreement about who ate the tulips and where the holes in the washing keep appearing from – but it’s mostly mug-creating bliss.

Our mugs are special, the designs are unique, and you won’t find them anywhere else. I bet you spend a lot of your time wondering where we get our genius ideas from, and how our designs come to life. Well get comfy, grab a cuppa and let me tell you the tale of the goat and the hedgehog.

You may not know this, but goats are very social creatures. We’ll jump on the backs of anyone and anything given half the chance. Horses, dogs, and even other goats aren’t safe from our springy hooves. Even as kids we’re up climbing trees with the best of them. (Have you ever seen a baby version of me? Goats are a real contender for the worlds cutest baby animals.) But I digress…

We’ve got a great relationship with all our human friends here in our Suffolk barn and we’re kept warm, dry and very well fed. Plus the wages aren’t bad either. When we’re not busy designing, producing, and shipping our outstanding mugs, we’re out and about enjoying ourselves and relaxing in the fields surrounding our barn.

There I was, minding my own business when I saw a small ball of spikes waddling his way over to me. When I first saw him, I was taken aback. His prickles were scary, his nose was pointy, and the way he rolled up into a ball seemed… shifty.

But as the saying goes, don’t judge a hedgehog by its spines.

Hedgehog mug

We got talking and after a while, we were meeting every day to chat about anything and everything. Mug designing, hibernation plans – the usual. Together, we were a pretty sharp pair. We became such good pals that I decided to honour our friendship with the highest of merits. Designing a mug inspired by him. After consulting with the designers and putting together a few drafts, we came up with our cute and quirky Hedgehugs Mug.

It’s designed to give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside every time you use it. A hug from a friend can make everything better. Whether you live together or far apart, it’s a great gift to show someone that you care. This mug is perfect for friends, family and co-workers, or anyone in your life who needs a hug. Our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can enjoy using it for years to come.

The title of this blog sounds like a fable, and maybe it is. I’ll leave you with this piece of goaty wisdom. Take a moment to sit down with a friend, and enjoy a nice warm drink from one of our mugs and remember - everything ‘quill’ be alright in the end.

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